Decor Business Level Up:

Grow Your Balloon Decor Business

Get the guidance you need to feel empowered to expand your business beyond your niche and grow professionally.

Does this sound like your balloon decor business?

  • You feel like you have to give discounts to get business
  • You only work small or low-budget events
  • You barely break even each month – if at all
  • You’re not a known decorator in your area
  • You have no network of industry people to turn to
  • You are failing at social media as a free marketing tool

This class will help you learn how to make your business grow and thrive!

What’s Included in the Decor Business Level Up Class?

The four-week online Decor Business Level Up class is designed to help established business owners move to the next level. Learn how to expand your business and grow as a decorating professional to increase your profits. Finally get paid what you are worth!


You will learn all about:

  • Taking control of your expenses
  • Bookkeeping, small business taxation, and insurance
  • How your network = your net worth
  • How to get an ongoing corporate client
  • How to build an Instagram strategy that converts followers into customers

 As a bonus, you will also have the exclusive opportunity to schedule a goal-setting call with a Decor Lab Member. Plus, you’ll receive lifetime access to the course materials so you can refer to them again and again!

I’d Like to Level Up My Decorating Business!

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Membership in the Decor Lab Community

If you’re not already a member of the Decor Lab Community, we’ll introduce you to its resources, including tools for ongoing marketing and access to a private, members-only online community for sharing insights, asking questions, and learning new ways to improve your balloon decor skills and abilities.

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