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DIY Balloon Cactus Stand | How to Make a Balloon Cactus

Looking for the perfect addition to your fiesta-themed party? Look no further than these amazing 6-foot tall balloon cactus stands!

These balloon cactus stands are super east to DIY with just a few basic tools and supplies.

How to Make a Balloon Cactus Stand

Tools and Materials

  • 10 foot length of ¾ in PVC pipe

  • Two 90 degree ¾ in PVC connectors

  • Two t-shaped ¾ in PVC connectors

  • 1 ¼ foot round board

  • 200 forest green 6 in link-o-loons by Sempertex

  • Three 2 in corner braces with screws

  • Hand saw

  • Measuring tape

  • Duct tape

  • Black spray paint

  • Impact drive

  • Drill


  1. Use a hand saw to cut the PVC pipe into the following lengths:

  2. 1 x 10 inch

  3. 1 x 17 inch

  4. 1 x 20 inch

  5. 1 x 34 inch

  6. 3 x 13 inch

  7. Take the 34 inch pipe and screw three corner braces to the end. Measure and mark where the holes need to be so that the corner aligns with the end of the pipe. Drill holes on the marks and attach braces with screws.

  8. Next, take the round panel board and find the middle. Place the pipe on the middle with corner braces against the board. Measure and mark where you need to drill holes for the braces, then screw the pipe with attached corner braces to the board.

  9. Use PVC connectors to create the remaining outline of our cactus.

  10. Paint the round board using spray paint and let dry.

  11. Use duct tape to secure joints where pipes connect for a more secure connection.

  12. Inflate the 200 link-o-loons to approximately 5 inches in diameter. Tie the inflated balloons in pairs, then twist two pairs together to form quads. You should have 50 quads.

  13. Next, apply quads to the base starting from the bottom. Press clusters onto the base so that the pipe is in the middle of the cluster. Then twist two of the balloon in the quad to secure the cluster. Continue until the pipe is completely covered.

  14. Optionally, you can add flowers made with 260 balloons.

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