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How I Became an Event Decorator

If you're wondering exactly how someone gets started event decorating, then let me share my story with you. It took many years for me for figure out exactly what I wanted to do, and I'm hoping that my journey will inspire you to find your own passion.

Working in the Wedding Industry

Back in 2015 I worked for a venue as a day-of coordinator for many weddings. We had about three events a week and about 100 events in a year. And I'm talking about just weddings, not even including other corporate events!

So basically I worked a lot of hours. I loved the aspect of being in a lot of people's celebrations, no matter what they were celebrating. And I realized that I loved doing it so much, why wouldn't I start my own thing?

Starting a Wedding Planning Business

So I went online and applied for a wedding planning course. I graduated with honors, paid $2000, and ended up learning a big fat nothing!

Even though the course didn't help much, I got started on my wedding planning business. It took some time to get on my feet, find clients, find my pricings, and find other people to work with. I spent a lot of time learning how to work with people - I had no idea how to work with people because they don't teach you that in school. I wish they did!

A woman stands behind table at a wedding show. There is a sign that says Main Line Planners next to her. There are business cards and pamphlets on the table.
One of my first wedding shows!

In school they didn't teach you how to collaborate with venues, they didn't teach you how to promote yourself or how to do your marketing. They just taught you some logistical stuff that you can pretty much figure out on your own. Any in the end you have to figure it out on your own anyways because logistics work on a case to case scenario.

Creating and Selling Decor Services

So it took me some time to figure things out and get rolling. Until one day one of my brides asked me to find a vendor who made marquee letters. Back then, (late 2016) I didn't have a vendor for marquee letters here in the Philadelphia area. They were very hot back then in England, but here unfortunately there was no one.

So we sat down and decided to try to make them ourselves. The first marquee LOVE letters that my bride wanted took us about three months to create.

Chairs are set up outside at night for a wedding. At the end of the aisle where the bride and groom would stand are four giant letters with lights inside that spell out the word love.

There was lot of figuring out to do, we only had a jigsaw and a plastic table from Walmart. There were a lot of trials and tools and different materials we put into it. But we made it - and it looked gorgeous! If I'm doing something it HAS to look good!

So after that first LOVE letter set I realized how much I like the aspect of just decorations. I loved creating decorations and offering those decorations to our clients. And this is how we added a decor aspect to my planning services.

So I did that for almost another 2 years - offered wedding planning services and additional decor services.

We struggled here and there during this time but kept working. I also had my first son during that time, so I did step away from the business for a little bit. Thankfully being self employed allows you to do that!

Starting an Event Decor Business

But then coming back full force to trying to get clients and collaborations, realized that I didn't want to do the wedding planning anymore. I wanted to do decor. I loved the decor aspect of it, I wanted to build a bigger inventory, and I wanted to create.

And this is how Slay Displays was born. This is my decor company that I started in June, and we were fully booked by September.

Slay Displays officially launched in June 2019, we had a very busy fall and very busy winter. Pre-pandemic we were easily making $20,000 a month (with no employees) just providing what we did best, the decor.

And then the pandemic happened. You would think the pandemic would kill the business. It did kill a lot of businesses, but not Slay Displays. We were thriving during the pandemic.

We actually gained a lot of very credible clients like Amazon, we worked with bigger companies like malls and stadiums, just because they wanted to be out there and they wanted a cool display for social media. So this is how we survived through 2020.

A display of balloon garland in rainbow colors wraps around a large doorway in a warehouse. Large marquee letters spell out the word "prime"
A display we made for Amazon

Decor Lab - an Event Decor School

At this point we have a very large inventory of different decorations. We're making gorgeous custom displays, and our clients from all over the area, the east coast, are reaching out to us because they want our work.

And I also have so many decorators reaching out to me and asking how did you guys do this? How did you get to where you are today? How do you do certain aspect of this or that?

This is why we created Decor Lab. I grew my own business, both before and during the pandemic, and I can help you to grow your own brand too. We want to help decorators and beginners just like yourself to get on their feet, to get comfortable, to grow their brand, to get more clients, and to create awesome displays.

Decor Lab is an online membership that includes training videos, live webinars, and a community area where you can ask questions and connect with other decorators. We add new training videos every week and hold live webinars once a week to help you with all kinds of decor and business topics. We even do regulars giveaways for our members!

We'd love to have you join the Decor Lab family, click here to sign up today!

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