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How to Make a Balloon Christmas Tree

How to make a balloon Christmas Tree

The colors we used:

-black inside forest green

-red inside crystal fuschia

The sizes we used:

-17in, 11in, 9in, and 5 inch for the green balloons

-5 in for the red balloons

We also used

-a lamp stand

-a 260 balloon to attach the star

-super glue


Create each layer of the tree by inflating and tying together a cluster of five balloons. Make sure the five balloons are the same size in each cluster by using a spacer to measure.

Start with the biggest size, and slowly decrease the size of each layer. The number of layers you will need depends on the height of your stand, but you will generally want to decrease the size by one to two inches for each layer.

Once all the green balloons are in place, you can glue red balloons onto the tree using super glue.

Finish the tree by tying a gold star to the top and you're done!

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