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How to Make a Balloon Spider

Want the perfect spooky but cute Halloween decoration? Try making this balloon spider!

The tools and materials you will need are:

  • Two bags 6 inch link o loons

  • One bag 12 inch link o loons

  • 5 inch black balloons for ends of legs

  • For body - 17 inch black and 24 inch black

  • Scissors

  • Balloon pump - hand or electric

  • Low temp hot glue gun

  • Vinyl or paper cut outs for eyes and fangs

How to make a balloon spider

  1. First, inflate your 6 inch link o loons. Inflate two at a time and tie them together.

  2. Then use the links to tie them together, 8 per leg. Try to keep them about the same size, but they don’t have to be perfect.

  3. Next inflate 12 inch link o loons, 2 per leg. Tie two together, then tie one pair to each leg. These will be the tops of the legs.

  4. To finish each leg, inflate a regular 5 inch balloon and tie it to the end. This way you don’t have a tail hanging at the end.

  5. Optionally, cut the necks off each pair of balloons for a cleaner look. The ends are small, so you do not need to cut those off.

  6. Let’s make the body. Inflate and tie together a 17 inch balloon and a 24inch balloon. You can leave the 24 inch balloon a little egg shaped so it looks more like a spider.

  7. Now we can attach our legs. Tie six legs to where the body and head meet, three on each side.

  8. For the last two legs, use a low temp hot glue gun to attach them farther back on the body. Make sure to use a low temp glue gun, a regular one will be too hot and pop your balloons!

  9. And for the final touch, lets give our spider a face! We are using vinyl cutouts made with the cricut machine. If you do not have a cricut, you can just cut out paper and tape or glue it to your spider. We gave him two sets of eyeballs and a big pair of fangs!

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