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Tools and Supplies I Bring to Every Event Setup

You never want to show up to an event setup only to realize you're missing a tool that would help you finish the job!

Whether you're setting up a small balloon garland or a whole big display, these are the tools I always bring with me!

Tools I Bring to Event Display Setups

Extra balloons

I ALWAYS bring extra balloons with me, even though I prep balloons ahead of time.

You never know what the display is going to look like in the venue. so to be sure you're happy with the way things look, it's always good to have extra balloons to play around with.

And let's not forget that balloons can easily pop! Keeping extras of the same color on hand is good insurance in case your balloon displays get damaged.

Double stuffing tool

If you make double stuffed balloons, you know they are impossible to create without the help of a tool.

And if you're making a display with double stuffed balloons, any extra balloons you make on site will need to be double stuffed as well. So make sure you're prepared!

We use a hand file, but you can also use a screwdriver or a chopstick to double stuff balloons.

Electric balloon pump and hand pump

Since I always bring extra balloons, I make sure to have the tools I need to inflate them!

I like to bring 2 electric balloon pumps in case I need to work quickly to fill more balloons.

I also bring hand pumps in case there's no power outlet or I'm in a venue where I can't be noisy.

Power strip and extension cord

Sometimes power outlets are in a hard to reach location, so it's nice to have a power strip and extension cord. The power strip is great if you have two people using an electric pump at the same time.

I also create certain displays that need power, light light-up marquee letters and sequin walls with fans. So keeping an extra extension cord is always a good idea for those types of setups.

Balloon bases: fishing line, ribbon, twine and 260 balloons

Typically I will pre-inflate my balloons and make small clusters ahead of time, but you never know exactly what you'll need to put your balloons together on site.

I keep fishing line, balloon ribbon, and twine (black, white, natural) on hand so that I can use whatever will look best in my displays.

I also always have tons of extra 260s, as we like to tie them in loops and use them to connect balloon clusters.

Connectors and adhesives

There are so many different ways you can build, hang, and set up event displays.

Depending on the location (indoors or outdoors) and materials you will be attaching your display to, you'll need to use different materials.

Here are the different adhesives and connectors I keep on hand to be prepared for every scenario:

  • u-glu adhesive dashes

  • 260 balloons

  • zip ties (11in, 8in, 4in)

  • command hooks

  • mounting bases

  • velcro

  • steel spring clamps

  • low-heat glue gun

  • chains

  • screws

  • safety pins

  • key rings

Shears and scissors

Balloons packages, zip ties, twine, you name it. There are a million things that you might need to cut on site for your event display.

Dryer sheets

If you have any dust or residue on your balloons, use dryer sheets to clean them off. Works like a charm!

I hope you found this list of tools I bring to my event setups useful! If you want to learn more about event decor, come follow Decor Lab on Instagram! We like to share lots of decor tips and show behind the scenes of our event setups. Come say hi! https://www.instagram.com/decorlab_school/

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