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Why You Should Be Using Double Stuffed Balloons | How to Make Double Stuffed Balloons Tutorial

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between basic balloons and luxury balloon installations? Using double stuffed balloons or balloon layering allows you to create tons of custom colors and finishes for a custom look. In this post (or watch the video below!) we'll explain a few different ways to create custom balloons using the double stuffing technique.

What are Double Stuffed Balloons?

Double stuffing balloons is technique where you insert one balloon inside another balloon and inflate them together to create a custom color.

How do You Double Stuff a Balloon?

To double stuff balloons you will need a tool such as a screwdriver or chopstick.

Insert the tool inside of the first balloon and pull the balloon down. Then pull the second balloon over the first, using the tool to hold the first balloon in place. The first balloon should be completely inside the second balloon.

Making sure to keep a hold on the tail of the inner balloon, pull the balloons off your tool. You can now inflate the double stuffed balloon using either and electric balloon pump or hand pump.

Now let's talk about five reasons you should be using double stuffed balloons.

1. You can blend balloons to create unique colors

While there are many different balloon colors available on the market, sometimes you want something a little more unique. Because latex balloons are slightly transparent, anytime you double stuff them the two colors will blend to create a unique color.

Typically you will stuff a darker color inside of a lighter color, but otherwise there are no hard rules you have to follow. Have fun and experiment mixing different colors!

2. You can avoid the dreaded balloon "nipple"

Sometimes, especially on lighter color balloons, there will be a dark spot at the tip of the balloon. It's not the end of the world, but it kind of makes your balloons look like boobs, especially if they are pink or nude colored! 😬

When you double stuff balloons, they become more opaque and that dreaded "nipple" goes away. Your balloons will look more professional and luxurious.

3. You can create a pastel finish

If you like a certain balloon color but just want to tone it down, you can try stuffing it inside a white balloon for a pastel effect.

For example, stuffing a bright pink or red inside white will create a gorgeous pastel pink that's great for baby showers, bridal showers, gender reveals, and more.

4. You can create a candy finish

On the other hand, it you want a more vivid effect, you can try stuffing your solid color balloons inside a clear balloon. This will create what we call a "candy" effect, because it looks like a piece of wrapped candy!

Candy balloons work well as an accent with regular balloons, or you can even use all candy balloons in your garland. They look especially good in photos too!

5. You can create specialty balloons

Finally, you can stuff a regular latex balloon inside a plastic bubble balloon (like Bobos or Orbz) for a super shiny finish that will last for days. This type double stuffed balloon is a great accent for larger garlands. You can leave it plain or stuff with gold flakes, confetti, or paint like we did in this video.

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