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There’s so much that goes into becoming a successful decorator. You’re constantly learning new skills and trying to keep up with trends. And once the decor is done, you still have to deal with all the tasks of running a business.


But when you’re just getting started, how do you know where to learn all these skills?


You have an eye for decor, but how exactly do you make that trendy new backdrop? What’s the best way to secure your balloons in place? How do you figure out what price to charge? 


You’ve got a million things to figure out, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone guiding you along the way?


That’s why we created Decor Lab School. Our membership makes it easy to learn new skills and find support for all your decor questions.


Premium Membership


When you join our program, you’ll get instant access to our full library of training videos. We currently have over 35 tutorials, and we add a new tutorial every week! You can check out a few previews here


You’ll also get access to our private community. Here you can connect with other decorators to ask questions and find support.


Elite Membership


When you become an elite member you’ll get access to all of the above, plus full access to all of our live and past webinars.  


Decor Lab School is completely online, so you can learn from any location, at any time, on your phone, tablet or computer.


Tutorial Videos

Create your own amazing displays using our tutorials as a guide


Private Community

Connect with like-minded decorators to ask questions and get support from the Decor Lab team


Weekly Webinars

Grow your brand with confidence as we talk about business

"I’m in absolute awe of the information that is being taught in the training videos. Definitely worth thousands, I binge watched the videos the first night that I signed up. Hands down this is the best training that I’ve taken in my 3 years of this decor journey. I love love the decor professor and I’m very grateful that she is willing to share her gift and love for design with us!"

—  Tawana Dixon



Full Access 


Video Content

Decor Lab Basics

A 101 approach on how to set up bases, balloon clusters, wood cutting techniques, sequin panels and more!

Full Display Set Ups

All types of indoor and outdoor installations with a large variety of themes. Application of balloons, streamers, wood and foam creations to variety of different set ups. Here we will show you step by step process of the onsite instalations.

Wood Working

Learn to create wooden decorations such as backdrops, stages, marquees and accent pieces.


How to use a variety of materials such as macrame, fabrics, plexiglass and vinyl in your creations and installations.

Balloons and Streamers

Streamers and Balloons creations and different types of installations: Indoor and Outdoor. Create mosaics with balloons and streamer letters - all these how to's you can find here.


Meet  Your

Decor Lab


Hi there, I'm Julia! Ten years ago, I came to the United States to follow the American Dream. After working in the wedding industry, I found my passion and fell in love with the decor aspect of it. It was this love that led me to open my own event planning and decor company. 


I focused on growing my skills, built my brand, marketed my services and transformed from a doubtful decorator to a savvy entrepreneur. 


The amount of people asking me for advice and “how-tos” on social media was so large that I realized the need to share my knowledge. This is how Decor Lab was born!


I now specialize in curating for Decor School, helping you start, develop, and grow your business from scratch. I’m here to give you the information you’ve been searching for all over the web. And even better - I’ve organized it in one place! My team and I are here to support you, guide you along the way and teach you how to grow your brand. 


I know the task seems daunting but trust me, it can be done! With Decor Lab, you can turn your dream into a reality. 

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