Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Decor Lab School for?

All types of Event Decorators and people who have passion for Event Decor. No matter what stage you are on in your journey - you will find support in starting or running your business, get inspiration and education Decor Creations and will be on top of the trends.

What will I be able to learn here?

How to create Sketches, Props and How to Apply them to a full set up. You will also learn how to start and run your business from many different aspects.

Do you offer one on one support?

We are currently in the process of creating a system that will give you an opportunity to get either a "Decor Business makeover" or "Rock your Decor startup" packages. This is where you would get a chance to work with professionals to build a Business and Marketing strategy and build a portfolio to attract clients in your area and run successful business.

Is there a free trial?

We have behind the scene available for you on our Social Media platforms so you know what Educational Content you are getting with your membership. The actual classes and webinars are exclusive for subscribed Members only.

Is access available 24/7?

The access for the School's content is available for you 24/7. If you need an answer in our community or have a technical question in our chat, then our technical support team and Decor Lab Community team will be happy to answer within office hours 9AM-5PM EST (New York Time).

Do you offer in person classes?

As of right now we only offer online classes. But in the future, we are considering having a Live Master Classes Tour in Major cities.

Is there an App where I can take my classes from my phone?

Yes, there is a free Kajabi app available for you on Google Play and App store. Just download it and use your login to get to your dashboard.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can do so from your dashboard. On the top bar press on your Profile picture->Settings->Billing Info->Cancel subscription. For more information please visit our Cancelation Policy page

What is your refund policy?

We have a no refund policy. If you choose to cancel your subscription, you have access to your dashboard until your yearly/monthly anniversary, depending on what type of subscription you have had.

Is this school only for the people that are starting of their decor business?

No matter where you are in Decor Business level, you can find a lot of useful information with our school: Decor and Business related.

Do I need to be located in the US to sign up for the school?

No, as long as you have access to the Internet and speak English - you can be anywhere in the world to be our member.