The Artist Behind
Decor Lab School

Hi, I'm Julia!

Nearly 20 years ago, I came to the United States to follow the American Dream.

   After working in the wedding industry, I found my passion and fell in love with decor. It was this love that led me to open my own event planning and decor business in 2015. I grew my business from scratch and now have experience as an event planner and celebrity decorator working with clients including the Philadelphia Eagles, Flyers, and Sixers; and companies like PHL CVB, Comcast, Amazon, and KPMG.

   But when I first started my decor business, I’ll be 100% honest: I was pretty lost. I was so inspired and had exciting ideas, but I didn’t know how to make them happen or where to buy the materials I needed.

   I was also lost when it came to the “running a business” part of the whole thing. I just wanted to make cool decor. Now I have to crunch numbers?

   I put in a lot of hard work and invested in my education through university studies (I earned a degree in marketing) and master classes. I also learned about the power of a good social media strategy and, as a result, saw 85% of my business inquiries coming from social media.

   I was finally able to go from doubtful decorator to savvy entrepreneur.

   And over time, the number of people asking me for advice and “how-tos” on social media became so large, I realized I needed to share my knowledge. And that’s how Decor Lab School was born!

What you get from
Decor Lab School

With Decor Lab School, now you can have all the resources you need in one place while gaining access to fresh new content every week.

One-and-done courses are helpful for decorators in some areas, like our Balloon Biz Master Class.

But balloon artists and decorators also need a growing community of supporters, training that stays up to date with the latest trends, all the deets on how to run a business, and the support and guidance along the way to help us build our brands.

We gotcha covered! You can get all this through our Decor Lab Community Online Decor Master Vault. 

So, whatcha waiting for? Join the DECOR LAB COMMUNITY and start designing joy today.


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