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Join an online resource and community with 24/7 access to help you keep up with trends, market your business, and more.

If you’re looking to fuel your skills as a balloon artist or decorator while you gain confidence as a business owner, a membership in the Decor Lab Community is the perfect way to help you reach your goals faster and easier.

Even if you’re a beginner or just starting out in business, the low cost of $47 a month or $470 a year makes investment an easy choice.

Who is Membership For?

While membership in the Decor Lab Community would benefit all balloon artists and decorators, those who get the most out of their membership tend to:

  • Have an established business as a solo artist or decorator or as part of a team
  • Need help with marketing, staying on top of trends, and other ways to grow their decorating business
  • Don’t know when the ideal time is to promote their services or how to do it
  • Don’t know where and how to get paying clients
  • Feel confident creating balloon decor but struggle with pricing and profitability and need guidance on how to update offerings
  • Feel comfortable with social media platforms and their brand visibility but don’t have time to keep up with their social media presence
  • Enjoy regular tips and tricks for keeping their business running smoothly and are motivated by a like-minded community
  • Lack of motivation and need of someone to provide a successful business roadmap to follow

Does this sound like you? Read on!

For only $47 per month
or $470 per year

You have access to:

  • A monthly business growth roadmap that will help you create a game plan for the month ahead
  • Weekly live training sessions rotating through four topics per month (and recorded access for the month in case you miss one or want to see it again):
    • Trends and live installations
    • Interviews with guests such as experts in bookkeeping or insurance, celebrity decorators, and other relevant professionals to help you step up your game
    • Laser coaching on business topics, including sales strategies, pitching, working with corporate clients, etc.
    • Decor Lab Community membership support, including topics on how to navigate the resources and make the most of them
  • Email templates and monthly promotion ideas
  • Instagram tools for social media marketing, including plug and play captions, stock photos, and Reel templates 
  • Rotating training modules that include videos featuring stunning full setups and tutorials for creating each element in the setup
  • Monthly challenges with prizes 
  • Pricing calculator – get paid what you deserve!
  • Balloon color guide 
  • Access to a private, members-only online community (with special guest appearances!) for sharing insights, asking questions, and learning new ways to improve your balloon decor skills and abilities

Access Exclusive Content

 Inside the exclusive Decor Lab Community, you’ll have the chance to stay connected with Julia and the Decor Lab team while you build and maintain friendships and personal networks.

 You’ll also find the “best of the best” that we have offered so far: help with decor, marketing, business, and more! Plus, you’ll gain access to a world-class network of expert coaches, insurance gurus, celebrity decorators, collaborators, and industry professionals who will be joining us inside.

 Whether it’s positioning yourself as an industry expert in your area or mastering your social media game, Decor Lab Community membership is truly designed to give you everything you need to scale your business to the next level.

Grow Your Business with

Weekly Live Training Sessions

Week 1: Laser Coaching Group Call with Julia

  • Ask questions and get direct feedback on aspects of your business on a 60-minute group call with Julia.
  • Skyrocket your ability to gain more exposure and credibility for your business through special trainings that Julia has never shared before.
  • Create a rock-solid foundation for amplifying your marketing to scale your business with ease through customized feedback, guidance, and exercises.

Week 2: Live Installation with Julia

  • Watch Julia create a unique balloon element or display and describe the steps as she goes.
  • Learn the secrets behind each install that many decorators don’t share.
  • Get direct answers on any questions you might have about the tips Julia shared and the creation process.

Week 3: Expert Session with Top Names in the Balloon Decor Industry

  • Learn the tips, secrets, and tactics an expert in the industry has used to attract amazing clients.
  • These experts are almost impossible to access face-to-face in any other way. As a Decor Lab Community member, you’ll get a call with one every month.
  • Discuss hot sales, marketing, and social media insider secrets that can only be learned in the real world when you’re generating massive amounts of leads, sales, and profits.

Week 4: Membership Support Call

  • Learn to navigate and make the most of the resources of the Decor Lab on a monthly call with a Decor Lab Team Member.
  • We will help you regroup, gather your resources, and conquer whatever problem you encounter, and proactively prepare you for that next obstacle.

If this isn’t enough, you’ll also receive 4 EXCLUSIVE BONUSES that you won’t find anywhere else:

 Bonus #1!

($50/mo value)

  • Get member-only access to our online pricing calculator.
  • Calculate your pricing and profitability for your services AND your rentals.
  • Never break even or lose money again!

Bonus #2!


($100/mo value)

  • Never run out of ideas for what to post with our plug-and-play captions and stock photos created specifically for balloon artists.
  • Push your content and gain more followers by creating reels using our Reel templates.
  • Turn your followers into your customers with plug-and-play promos and emails.

Bonus #3!

($50/mo value)

  • Amaze your customers with swatches and sketches from our up-to-date color guide.
  • Never disappoint customers who may have envisioned different colors.
  • Easy to use with Canva and PowerPoint.

Bonus #4!

($50/mo value)

  • Follow our calendar with a suggested outline of what to post and when using all the resources from Decor Lab.
  • Plan your promos, emails, and social media a month out.
  • Each month offers a new challenge with a new winner.

See What Happens
When You Become Part
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With Decor Lab School’s online membership, you will improve your event decorating skills, level up your business, and join a community of creative people who are ready to share and learn from each other.

Through training videos, live webinars on all aspects of running a business, and a private, engaged online community, you can finally take the guesswork out of the balloon décor business.


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